E-vehicles and E-bikes

Energise Ōtaki continues to push for the roll-out of e-vehicles and bikes. Most recently one of Energise Ōtaki participants has made the decision to become an agent for new e-bikes and components to retro-fit older bikes in the area. This is part of our wider goal for the town to benefit economically and in terms of employment from its interest in energy innovation. Our vision would also be to have our Bike Space also linked to possible retro-fitting over time. 

At the same time, we think there is a need to take more responsibility for management of the inevitable environmental issues associated with dealing with waste batteries and some of our members are exploring this aspect. 

Energise Ōtaki also facilitated the running of the E-volocity project and competition in the Ōtaki Region which encourages school children to explore the science of electric vehicles.

We are excited to work more in this area.

The E-Vehicle Expo

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