Fifty-five percent of Ōtaki’s energy use goes on transport fuels. It is perhaps the hardest nut to crack in terms of reducing energy use. One of the most positive ways is to provide local people with as many ways as possible to reduce their use.

A key approach is advocacy for pubic transport services and undertaking small projects which can make a real local difference. One of our big transport projects is the Ōtaki Bike Space which receives donated bikes, services them and gifts them back to the community. This allows more Ōtaki whanau to be able to bike rather than drive, as well as saving items destined for landfill. 

At the same time, the community can work with clean technology businesses that are exploring alternative fuels, or transition opportunities to reduce fossil fuel use by making use more efficient and less polluting. Over the last five years e-vehicles have become a very real option as their range and efficiency has increased.

Current and Completed Projects

  • Ōtaki Bike Space

    Ōtaki Bike Space

    Since 2017, the Ōtaki Bike Space has been accepting pre-loved bikes from the community, repairing them and re-gifting them to those in the community that need them.
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  • St Peter Chanel School bikes

    St Peter Chanel School bikes

    In 2017, Energise Ōtaki provided 18 bikes to be used by the students at St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School. The kids love them and are now using them to bike to places like the Ōtaki Swimming Pool for classes where they used to have to be driven.
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  • EV Charging Station

    EV Charging Station

    In 2016 Energise Ōtaki lobbied for the installation of a high speed E-vehicle charging station which was was installed in early 2017 and was the first E-vehicle Charging Station on the Kāpiti Coast.
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  • Rail and Bus Advocacy

    Rail and Bus Advocacy

    We support and advocate for a regular passenger rail service to Wellington and a better designed local bus route.
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  • E-vehicles and E-bikes

    E-vehicles and E-bikes

    Energise Ōtaki continues to push for the roll-out of e-vehicles and bikes as a way to reduce transport impact and energy use.
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  • Keeping an Eye on the Ōtaki Cycleways and Walkways Programme

    We are supporters of the Kāpiti Coast District Council ‘Cycleway, Walkway and Bridleway (CWB) Strategy’ which sets out the vision for a network around and within Ōtaki.
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