The Energise Ōtaki vision depends on a network of organisations, businesses and individuals to make it work. As this network grows the opportunities for new projects and innovative thinking grows with it. 

  • My Web WorkshopMy Web Workshop
    My Web Workshop designed, built and hosts this website. It also does the posters, and other graphic design work for Energise Ōtaki.
  • Kāpiti Coast District Council
    Early developer of Energise Ōtaki concept, active participant in Energise Ōtaki processes, and highly innovative in its delivery of energy, climate change management programmes, support funding and its energy initiatives for Council assets and services.
  • Transition Towns ŌtakiTransition Towns Ōtaki
    Transition Town Ōtaki is a charitable trust seeking to undertake initiatives that help the local community be  more resilient and sustainable.  Initiatives that, for instance, reduce our carbon footprint, enable lower energy usage, or promote local food production.
  • The Ōtaki MailThe Ōtaki Mail
    The Ōtaki Mail, the local newspaper, takes a strong interest in reporting on the development of the Energise Ōtaki concept and the establishment of clean technology businesses in Ōtaki.
  • Ōtaki Clean Technology ParkŌtaki Clean Technology Park
    A major economic development area within the town with an owner who subscribes fully to a vision of developing a clean technology hub at Ōtaki for the Kāpiti Coast and for the Wellington region. The Park provides active support for the overall concept and key projects.
  • Nufuels Ltd: Used Tyres, Plastics and Recovered EnergyNufuels Ltd: Used Tyres, Plastics and Recovered Energy
    Nufuels Ltd. is an Ōtaki based renewable energy start-up company, which is in the process of developing a waste to energy batch pyrolysis technology which can ‘crack‘ tyres and plastics, effectively recovering liquid fuels, gases and chars (which can be used as a solid fuel).
  • Ōtaki CollegeŌtaki College
    The college is a very active participant in Energise Ōtaki and is currently the focus of a number of major projects which you can read more about here.
  • Ōtaki Community BoardŌtaki Community Board
    The Ōtaki Community Board, chaired by James Cootes, was an early developer and supporter of the Energise Ōtaki concept and and an active participant in the process.


  • Supreme Win for Energise Ōtaki
    Community work recognition
  • We win an inaugural WWF 2014 Conservation Innovation AwardWe win an inaugural WWF 2014 Conservation Innovation Award
    Energise Otaki has just been awarded project category of the inaugural World Wildlife Fund (NZ) 2014 Conservation Innovation Awards. It is tremendous news for the project and Energise Otaki is very grateful to WWF (NZ) for the recognition it has given to what we are trying to achieve.
  • WWF (NZ) Conservation Innovation AwardWWF (NZ) Conservation Innovation Award
    Energise Otaki received an award for the Project Category of the inaugural WWF (NZ) Conservation Innovation Awards in late 2014.   We are very grateful for this recognition of the Energise Otaki vision and will be using the funding made available for a range of exciting projects in 2015.

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