Renewable Energy Generation

Finding ways to produce new clean energy or reduce the environmental impacts of existing energy use is central to the Energise Ōtaki vision.

A primary focus is on initiatives which help people install clean energy systems in their home, business or community space. The second focus is on working with Ōtaki clean technology businesses on new clean energy generation initiatives in partnership with the community.

A major catalyst for change will be when energy produced locally can be stored and distributed across the local network. This requires significant change at the macro-level and changing business models for how the local network is managed. A key to this will be the development of an on-going and positive relationship with Electra, the local network provider and retailer.

In the meantime, the focus is on developing initiatives which can be used to provide clean energy directly to users, and having revenue from these intiatives feed into our Community Investment Fund.

Current and Completed Projects

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