Please find details on energy organisations, energy businesses and information that we have worked with or collected. Get in contact with us if you want to know any more.

Energy organisations

  • Wellington Regional Healthy Housing Group December 4, 2020Wellington Regional Healthy Housing Group
    Wellington Regional Healthy Housing Group (WRHHG) is made up of central government departments, local councils, district health boards and Regional Public Health, as well as research, social outreach, health and community organisations. Their vision is that: ‘EVERYONE IN THE WELLINGTON REGION LIVES IN WARM, DRY AND SAFE HOUSING BY 2025’.
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  • Sustainability Trust December 3, 2020Sustainability Trust
    The Sustainability Trust is a social enterprise that supports sustainable living. They say "When it comes to healthy homes, helping people to reduce their impact on the environment and giving back to the community, we’ve got all the bases covered". Energise Ōtaki work closely with the Sustainability Trust to operate the Ōtaki Curtain Bank.
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  • Coastal Energy November 23, 2018Coastal Energy
    The Ōtaki Energy Co-operative Ltd. trading as Coastal Energy was established in 2014 as a mechanism to achieve direct investment in small-scale renewable energy production projects in Ōtaki and its surrounds. Several projects have been completed, among others an installation at Te Kura-ā-Iwi O Whakatupuranga Rua Mano in Tasman Road.  
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  • Ōtaki Energy Co-operative June 10, 2015Ōtaki Energy Co-operative
    The Ōtaki Energy Co-operative Ltd. trading as Coastal Energy has been established in 2014 as a mechanism to achieve direct investment in renewable energy production projects in Ōtaki and its surrounds. Several projects have been completed, among others an installation at Te Kura-ā-Iwi O Whakatupuranga Rua Mano in Tasman Road.
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  • Energy Solutions Group June 12, 2014Energy Solutions Group
    Energy Solutions Group is a company which is developing energy efficient, adaptable, modular housing designs with an additional focus on on-site clean energy generation, and water and wastewater systems.
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Energy businesses

  • Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd: Emulsion FuelsBlended Fuel Solutions Ltd: Emulsion Fuels
    Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd. is an Ōtaki based company exploring the use of emulsion fuels (mixing water into diesel fuels using a surfactant) as a way of reducing emissions and reducing overall fossil fuel use (a reduction of about 10%).
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  • Nufuels Ltd: Used Tyres, Plastics and Recovered EnergyNufuels Ltd: Used Tyres, Plastics and Recovered Energy
    Nufuels Ltd. is an Ōtaki based renewable energy start-up company, which is in the process of developing a waste to energy batch pyrolysis technology which can ‘crack‘ tyres and plastics, effectively recovering liquid fuels, gases and chars (which can be used as a solid fuel).
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  • Solar ZoneSolar Zone
    Solar Zone are experienced  suppliers and installers of solar electric systems and a variety of heating systems. They pride ourselves on making their systems work together with the rest of your building to make your home or business work smarter.
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  • Astara TechnologiesAstara Technologies
    Astara Technologies provides bespoke design, build and consultancy services working with a wide range of Renewable Energy technologies including photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal, hot water heat pump, waste to energy technology, electric vehicle and electric propulsion systems.
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  • SunRaykerSunRayker
    Sunrayker is a start-up company developing a concentrated photovoltaic and thermal (CVPT) solar energy system by integrating concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) into one hybrid energy system to generate electricity and heat from sunlight.
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  • Sustainable building professionalsSustainable building professionals
    Energise Ōtaki works with architects, draughtsmen, builders, engineers, and others who work in a sustainable way. Email us at to get in contact.
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Energise Ōtaki is focused on practical projects and actions that can be undertaken by groups, businesses, families and individuals. Useful information that may be of assistance to taking action is listed below:

  • Insulation and curtains for your homeInsulation and curtains for your home
    Own a community Services card? Then free lined Curtains and / or insulation are available for cold homes.
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  • Rod Oram in ŌtakiRod Oram in Ōtaki
    Rod Oram talked to a full house at the Ōtaki College on 27th October, 2015 and to about 100 people the next morning at the business breakfast at the Ōtaki RSA. Read about them here.
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  • What is the Best Way to Measure Progress?
    A project is underway to identify the best ways to measure progress and the best way to source necessary information.
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  • Greenest Neighbourhoods Competition
    With support from Council, groups of neighbours spend nine months competing to reduce their environmental footprint. That includes focusing on energy use.
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  • Energy Efficient Housing AdviceEnergy Efficient Housing Advice
    A free service providing advice on making your house or business more energy efficient is provided by the Kāpiti Coast District Council.
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  • Ōtaki College Energy AuditŌtaki College Energy Audit
    A Level 1 energy audit was carried out by Ōtaki College in July 2013.
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  • An Innovative Commuter Rail Alternative
    What if there was a clean technology commuter rail solution linking Palmerston North, Ōtaki and Waikanae? Early stage thinking around a new solution is underway.
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  • Advocating for Bus Services
    Ōtaki has one bus route.   There is a view in the community that it is not well designed and that this has the effect of discouraging use.  A 2014 project was to identify the best route and to have that change introduced by the Greater Wellington Regional Council.
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  • Advocating for Ōtaki Rail Services
    Ōtaki is a proposed urban growth area. And yet it is the only town on the regional rail system without rail commuter services. This must change.
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  • Exploring Network DesignExploring Network Design
    This project is concerned with what the local electricity network might look like in the long-term if there was significant on-site generation and export within the town.
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Energise Ōtaki produces and gathers reports about energy use in Ōtaki and about Energise Ōtaki as an organsiation. Find them below:

  • Greenchip report on Ōtaki October 14, 2013Greenchip report on Ōtaki
    Overall, Ōtaki is only 37% efficient. This shows a huge potential for improving energy efficiency. The report also examines emerging technology paths.
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  • 2020 Year in Review2020 Year in Review
    Read all about what we achieved in 2020 and get a glimpse into what projects we are focussing on in 2021. Thanks for being involved or interested in Energise Ōtaki this year!
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  • Otaki Energy use: report 2018Otaki Energy use: report 2018
    Baseline Data In 2012 Kāpiti Coast District Council commissioned a study on energy use in Ōtaki, along with a snapshot of available and emerging technology paths from technology experts Greenchip.  The report found that Greater Ōtaki uses approximately 161 gigawatt-hours per year – as much energy as running 6,000 bar heaters non-stop: only one quarter of this ...
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Teaching Units

Energise Ōtaki have worked on creating some teaching units for sustainable energy topics for Ōtaki College. Public versions of these are included below for others to download and use. Please note that these are collations of activity options, videos and resources/learnings from other sources, rather than new research or information created by Energise Ōtaki. The idea is that if topic resources are easily available for educators, they are more likely to use that topic when educating – we want those to be sustainable energy topics.

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