E-vehicle creation and competition

Since 2017, Energise Ōtaki has helped support Ōtaki College to compete in the E-volocity Electric Vehicle Challenge. This is a competition to design, build and then race an electric vehicle against other schools in a variety of events. Students were supplied with a standard electric motor and batteries to be used in the design.

Vehicles were designed for a two-wheeled (bike) class and three or more wheeled (cart) class. Competing in the event brings together Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a way that helps foster a passion for these fields in the students taking part.

Success at E-volocity

At the national events:
2017 – 1st: Fastest drag race in cart class
2017 – 1st: Lowest rolling resistance in bike class
2018 – 1st: Fastest gymkhana in cart class
2018 – 1st: Fastest street circuit in bike class
2018 – 2nd: Fastest gymkana in bike class
2018 – 3rd: Fastest drag race in cart class
2018 – Honorable mention, bike design/engineering
2019 – 1st: Fastest drag race in open bike class
2019 – 1st: Fastest street circuit in open bike class
2019 – 1st: Fastest street circuit in 350W bikes
2019 – Top 5: Economy run (open bike); Gymkhana (350W carts & open bike); street circuit (350W carts)

Teams are judged on...

  • Drag race over 50m
  • Stopping distance after drag race
  • Street circuit, corners and parking
  • Economy run
  • Gymkhana (pick your own course)
  • Rolling resistance
  • Best team presentation
  • Best build documentary

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