Data Monitoring and Research

One of the goals is for Ōtaki to become known as a place where businesses and researchers can go to research energy use, technologies and community processes around the goal of becoming a ‘virtual off-grid’ town. From time to time, reports on aspects of energy use, energy generation etc will be developed by the various participants in the process and wherever possible these will be made available on the web-site.

Research funding is not available through Energise Ōtaki at this stage but assistance with mobilising the community to participate in a research project is. For example, if you wish to research your new technology using a range of households, or test your ideas at the street level, or find someone who will work with you to pilot some technology – we will help you set that up and work with the community contacts to make it happen. We also work closely with the Clean Technology Centre and the Ōtaki Clean Technology Park and can assist businesses working from there.

If we know of any organisation with potential for funding support we will help you make the connections.

Research Posts

  • Otaki Energy use: report 2018

    Otaki Energy use: report 2018

    Baseline Data In 2012 Kāpiti Coast District Council commissioned a study on energy use in Ōtaki, along with a snapshot of available and emerging technology paths from technology experts Greenchip.  The report found that Greater Ōtaki uses approximately 161 gigawatt-hours per year – as much energy as running 6,000 bar heaters non-stop: only one quarter of this ...
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