Ōtaki Bike Space

Repairing and giving away donated bikes

Since 2017, the Ōtaki Bike Space has been accepting pre-loved bikes from the community, repairing them and re-gifting them. Children can swap out their bikes as they grow!

Volunteers donate their time to fix bikes and to teach simple repairs and road safety skills.


Encouraging everyone who wants to ride a bike and more mobility for all ages

Reducing use of fossil fuels – e.g. kids biking to school rather than being delivered by car.

Promoting the benefits of bike transport

  • Better for the environment and health
  • It saves money

Diverting recyclable waste from landfill

Connecting bike lovers together.


Ōtaki Bike Space is supported by New World Ōtaki.

New World Ōtaki

How to support us

By donating

  • Bikes of all sizes (in good working condition)
  • Reusable bike parts
  • Bike tools

By offering your time or skills

By sponsoring or donating

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    7 Main St, Ōtaki
    Tue-Thu, 10am-2pm

    Search “Ōtaki Bike Space” to find us on Facebook

    Bike Events

    We run events when we have lots of bikes ready to gift and often combine these with activities like repair workshops and cycle skills.

    Do you need a refurbished bike?

    Email us to get a bike – it helps if you can include any information on the size/type and whether you need a helmet or not.