Energy Recovery

Stopping potential energy sources being wasted through being thrown out and instead recovering and using that energy is a new and exciting path we are following.

Current and Completed Projects

  • Ōtaki Repair Café

    Ōtaki Repair Café

    Since 2019, Energise Ōtaki has run highly successful Repair Café events, aimed at re-creating a culture of repairing items with the help of knowledgeable volunteers. We encourage the attendees to become involved in the repairs, so they'll learn skills to use again.
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  • Ōtaki Bike Space

    Ōtaki Bike Space

    Since 2017, the Ōtaki Bike Space has been accepting pre-loved bikes from the community, repairing them and re-gifting them to those in the community that need them.
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  • REGEN:  Integrated Waste Management

    REGEN: Integrated Waste Management

    REGEN: an integrated waste to energy system for the Ōtaki Transfer Station, has been studied by local company NuFuels, and we talked about it's possiblities.
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  • Food and Energy: Harnessing Food & Organic Waste

    Food and Energy: Harnessing Food & Organic Waste

    At least 11 tonnes of food is wasted in Ōtaki town every week. This presents an opportunity to use organic waste to produce energy.
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