Ōtaki Repair Café

Next Café:

10am-2pm, Sunday 27th August, 2023.

At Ōtaki Memorial Hall (next to the Library on Main St.).

We recommend emailing in advance what’s wrong with the item you want fixed, so we can aim bring in  replacement parts and tools.

Please bring replacement zips and buttons for clothing repairs. 

Email: otaki.repaircafe@gmail.com


Repair, repurpose and reuse items

Since 2019, Energise Ōtaki has run highly successful Repair Café events, aimed at re-creating a culture of repairing items with the help of knowledgeable volunteers. We encourage the attendees to become involved in the repairs, so they’ll learn skills to use again.

Improve or learn skills from others

Typical repair stations are: clothing to mend or teaching sewing, wooden and mechanical repairs, jewelry, bikes & scooters, household electrical items, a small area for children to learn the first steps of how to fix something. A swap table and food & drink create a sociable area that brings everybody together.


  • Avoiding waste of embedded energy used to make items in the first place
  • Fewer items going to landfill
  • Saves money as no need to buy new
  • Learning new skills for use at home
  • Sharing knowledge and ideas
  • Community interaction

How to support us

By joining us for our events

By offering your time or skills

By sponsoring or donating

Search “Ōtaki Repair Café” to find us on Facebook

Repairing something instead of throwing it out and reviving the spirit of fixing something which is no longer working or is broken will help all of us, not only saving money but reducing waste of energy and waste of materials.

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    7 Main St, Ōtaki
    Tue-Thu, 10am-2pm