Energise Ōtaki: is the name chosen by the Ōtaki community to represent the goal of becoming a net producer of clean energy and to act as a focal point for community action.

Helping Ourselves to A Smart Future: is the Energise Ōtaki by-line. Change will be achieved through community action, projects large and small, and alliances with key partners.  

How Energise Ōtaki Works:

Energise Ōtaki is primarily a broad ‘umbrella’ concept under which a range of organisations and individuals come together to achieve change.

Individual and collective action, home, street, business, neighbourhood and town based energy conservation and clean energy production projects are at the heart of the Energise Ōtaki community vision.

A meeting is held on the second Wednesday of every other month where people can come together to discuss ideas and potential projects, developments in the energy and clean technology space, community projects updates, etc. The group listens to ideas and discusses how practical support and participant networks can be brought together to advance initiatives. If external funding is available for particular projects we will apply for it and use it to advance initiatives. Small working groups will come together to advance particular projects. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend these bi-monthly sessions.  A record is taken of discussions and is circulated to interested individuals and is posted on the website. You can find out more about the meetings at our Bi-Monthly Public Meetings page.

Networks and Supporters:

Anyone who participates brings their own networks to the table and helps connect people and ideas around particular projects. A number of community organisations and businesses are also involved directly in Energise Ōtaki or contribute to particular projects.  The main organisation based supporters and participants are: Ōtaki College, Ōtaki Mail, Ōtaki Commercial Park, Kāpiti Coast District Council, Ōtaki Community Board, Transition Towns Ōtaki, Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd., and Astara Technologies. Find out more about our Supporters.

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    Energise Ōtaki Charitable Trust:

    Energise Ōtaki  has been created to provide a formal legal structure to handle any funds and manage financial and accountability processes.  The Trust Chairperson also facilitates the monthly sessions and the Secretary records activities and minutes. The Trust reports at the end of each meeting on any formal transactions and business.

    Energise Ōtaki is a Charitable Trust — CC55893.