Ōtaki Service Centre Solar Array

Energise Ōtaki – Solar Energy

Early on in the Energise Ōtaki initiative, the Kāpiti Coast District Council and local electricity network company Electra, installed a 2.0 kilowatt-peak solar photovoltaic system on the Ōtaki Library and Memorial Hall to demonstrate this technology to the public. The 2011 installation had the support of clean-technology businesses Astara Technologies, ESG Green Energy, Enasolar and Mitsubishi Electric, and Energise Ōtaki. The installation is clearly visible on Main Street to passersby, and realtime information and historic data can be accessed via a touchscreen inside the library or online at www.splashmonitoring.com/system/otakilibrarysolar. The installation produces around 2,600 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year which is used in the building. Any excess power is fed into the local lines network. 

The 16 square metre photovoltaic (PV) array consists of eight Mitsubishi Electric panels linked to the electrical system of the building, via a ‘grid-tied’ Enasolar inverter.