KCDC LED Streetlighting

Kāpiti Coast District Council has an on-going street lighting programme and is converting the streetlights in the district to LED technology, which promises to cut energy use of street lighting by well over 60%. As well as saving energy, the new lamps provide a better quality light than the orange sodium lamps they replaced, and cause less light pollution by directing their light only to where it is needed.

Miro St at night showing the new LED lights

As part of this programme and to support Energise Ōtaki priorities, 16 lights on eight pedestrian crossings in Ōtaki were converted to LED technology in 2015. These included:

  • the two crossings opposite schools on Mill Road
  • the crossings on and adjacent to Main Street in the town centre
  • the crossing on Tasman Road at Te Wānanga O Raukawa.

LED lights were installed in Miro Street in 2014.

The Council is now planning to complete a full conversion of all streetlights to LED by 2021.

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