Interns for Research and Investigations

Sometimes Energise Ōtaki takes on Interns which in the past have done investigations into energy use for local businesses, education development and surveying energy needs.

During 2015/2016 the interns surveyed all the shops and buildings in the Main St and on the Highway to assess total energy demand and assess options for combined local renewable energy supply. The results are interesting and useful but given the pattern of ownership and occupation, it was difficult to design technical options which were financially useful. As technology develops, especially for local distribution this will be revisited. In the meantime the data proves a useful baseline for understanding energy consumption in the town.

From time to time, there has been the opportunity to undertake investigations for local businesses to identify how they could reduce their energy use, what kinds of systems they might use and develop financial models to assist their thinking. Two interns did extensive work for local organisations Coral Tree Ltd, Artisan Bakeries, ZEV Ltd and Paraparaumu Childcare Centre in 2015/2016.

In 2016, interns also helped with establishing the woodlot at Ōtaki College.

We are working on establishing a structure for finding and hosting interns for the future.

 Two interns with committee members Stuart Pritchard and Gael Ferguson

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