Warm Up Ōtaki: heat, health

Do you want 80% off insulation and a heat pump? See the video below for details on eligibility and process, and how we can help you through each stage.

The application form is at the bottom of this page.  

Want support with your application or during the installation process? Please email warmupotaki@gmail.com or call 0204 100 41 60. 

Well insulated, warmer homes are better for the whānau, bank balance and planet. Homes keep at a moderate temperature help humans stay well. Better insulation means less heat loss, which means less electricity is needed, which means less money spent on power and fewer carbon emissions, which means less contribution to climate crises.

It’s a win for warmth!  

Energise Ōtaki, Te Puna Oranga o Ōtaki and the Wellington Sustainability Trust are delighted to help more local households get highly subsidised insulation and heat pumps this winter, plus help with energy planning, accessing curtains and more.

Eligibility and installation

These are also outlined in the video above. 

For 80% off insulation: Do you live in Ōtaki or Te Horo and own your home, built before 2008? Do you live in this house? If yes, do you have a Community Services card, or live with someone who does? You are eligible. Own and live in your Te Horo or Ōtaki home built before 2008, but DON’T have a Community Services card? You are eligible if you live in a decile 8, 9, or 10 area.

You can type your address into THIS MAP to check which decile you live in. 

For 80% off a heat pump: The same as for insulation (above), plus you must have floor and ceiling insulation installed that meets EECA standards. This can be confirmed by the Warm Up Ōtaki team. If you already have a working heat pump, wood or pellet burner, flued gas heater or central heating system in your home, you are most likely not eligible for a heat pump, but it’s worth checking with us anyway.

The Warm Up Ōtaki team will contact you within a week of receiving your application. Assessor Matt will arrange a visit to your home. All going well, you will then receive a quote from the Wellington Sustainability Trust. If you agree to the quote, you pay 50% of the total fee, and the Trust books in installers at your convenience. You pay the remainder once your insulation and/or heat pump are installed.

To apply :

  1. Download this form as a PDF                              or
    download this form as a Word document
  2. In the document’s left hand corner, go to File –> Make a Copy –> update the name of the document to your first and last name. 
  3. Email your application to warmupotaki@gmail.com 

Or print the form, complete it and slide it under the door of our Energise Ōtaki office office at 7 Main Street, Ōtaki.

Want support with your application or during the installation process? Please email warmupotaki@gmail.com or call 0204 100 41 60. 

Want to support this initiative?

Consider donating

Thank you to EECA, Electra, and private donors for funding Warm Up Ōtaki. In 2022, Warm Up Ōtaki is also supported by a grant from Energise Ōtaki’s Whakahiko Ōtaki–Energise Ōtaki Fund. 


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