Renewable Energy Generation

Finding ways to produce new clean energy or reduce the environmental impacts of existing energy use is central to the Energise Ōtaki vision.

A primary focus is on initiatives which help people install clean energy systems in their home, business or community space. The second focus is on working with Ōtaki clean technology businesses on new clean energy generation initiatives in partnership with the community.

A major catalyst for change will be when energy produced locally can be stored and distributed across the local network. This requires significant change at the macro-level and changing business models for how the local network is managed. A key to this will be the development of an on-going and positive relationship with Electra, the local network provider and retailer. (see also The Network).

In the meantime, the focus is on developing initiatives which can be used to provide clean energy directly to users.


    Leigh Ramsey, Chair of Energise Ōtaki has announced a community solar farm project that will harvest energy from the sun to fund community energy projects in Ōtaki.
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  • Food and Energy: Harnessing Food and Organic Waste

    At least 11 tonnes of food is wasted in Ōtaki town every week.  This amounts to about $500 per household being lost in a year, quite apart from the landfill emissions.  A huge amount of energy used to process and transport this food is also wasted.
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  • Celebrating XŌtaki, Ōtaki College, and Energise Ōtaki

    This weekend, April 26th and 27th 2019, is Ōtaki College’s 60th Reunion Weekend (you can register here) and we thought it would be a good opportunity to share this cool video that was made a couple of years ago celebrating XŌtaki (the Ōtaki College Alumni), Ōtaki College, and Energise Ōtaki’s work together to relocate some ...
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  • Ōtaki Central Technology Park: Wind and Solar Energy

    The developer of the Ōtaki Central Technology Park and a participant in Energise Ōtaki, has a strong commitment to developing sustainable building systems, energy conservation and clean energy generation.  In 2013 a new building was developed at 2 Ake Ake Place Ōtaki at the Ōtaki Central Technology Park. This building has four business units with a ...
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  • Ōtaki Service Centre Solar Array

    Early on in the Energise Ōtaki initiative, the Kāpiti Coast District Council and local electricity network company Electra, installed a 2.0 kilowatt-peak solar photovoltaic system on the Ōtaki Library and Memorial Hall to demonstrate this technology to the public. The 2011 installation had the support of clean-technology businesses Astara Technologies, ESG Green Energy, Enasolar and ...
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  • Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd: Emulsion Fuels

    Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd. is an Ōtaki based company exploring the use of emulsion fuels (mixing water into diesel fuels using a surfactant) as a way of reducing emissions and reducing overall fossil fuel use (a reduction of about 10%).  More recent technology developed by its partner US based company has made major progress in ...
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  • Ōtaki College PV Solar Array for Scholarships

    In 2014/15 Energise Ōtaki developed a project in partnership with the XŌtaki College Foundation Trust (the College alumni association) to install a 20kWp solar array at Ōtaki. The system would be owned by the XŌtaki College Foundation Trust, would provide power directly to the College, and the revenue would be used to fund student scholarships. Stage ...
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  • Ōtaki College: Project Solar

    Project Solar is an umbrella project being developed by the College in partnership with Energise Ōtaki and clean technology businesses.
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  • Nufuels Ltd: Used Tyres, Plastics and Recovered Energy

    Nufuels Ltd. is an Ōtaki based renewable energy start-up company.
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  • Ōtaki College solar energy system

    Stages 1 and 2 of the Ōtaki College solar energy system has been installed. The two 10.4 KW systems were part of a planned 20KW system planned for the College.  When completed it will be the second largest school solar energy system in New Zealand.
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  • The Clean Generation focus area

    Finding ways to produce new clean energy or reduce the environmental impacts of existing energy use: initiatives which help people install clean energy systems and working with clean technology businesses in the community.
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  • Ōtaki Swimming Pool Thermal Solar Array

    Otaki swimming pool has the largest solar array in New Zealand. As at May 2014 it has recorded 205,000 kWh of energy production.
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  • Nufuels Ltd: The Solomon Islands Project

    In  late 2017 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade approved a grant for a pilot project with Ōtaki based renewable energy start-up business, Nufuels Ltd,  to review the feasibility of using small-scale batch pyrolysis systems in the Solomon Islands, to address major plastic waste problems and the high cost of energy for communities.  This ...
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  • Ōtaki College Swimming Pool Thermal Solar Array

    In 2017/18 Energise Ōtaki facilitated the redeployment of some of the thermal solar panels previously used at the Ōtaki Swimming Pool to the Ōtaki College swimming pool.  The project was taken up by the XŌtaki College Foundation Trust as part of a wider refurbishment of the pool.  The goal was to extend the season for ...
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  • Ōtaki College: Wood Gasification for Heating

    Ōtaki College is exploring the possibility of wood pellet gasification to feed its existing school boiler used for heating.
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