Ōtaki Swimming Pool Thermal Solar Array

Ōtaki Swimming Pool had a solar thermal heating system installed in 2011, funded via an EECA grant and loan. The 535 m² collector on the roof was the largest of its kind in New Zealand at the time. The system heated pool water directly when the outdoor conditions allow, reducing the amount of fuel used by the pool’s natural gas boiler.

As of May 2014, the system had recorded 205,000 kWh of energy production, reducing the facility’s carbon emissions by 47 tonnes.

In 2016 the Kāpiti Coast District Council made the decision to replace the roof at the Swimming Pool and decided to decommission the panels.  Energise Ōtaki was successful in gaining Council permission to redeploy these panels elsewhere in Ōtaki and a number of projects have been undertaken – such as the Ōtaki College Swimming Pool solar array.

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