Ōtaki College Pool Thermal Solar Array

In 2017/18 Energise Ōtaki facilitated the redeployment of some of the thermal solar panels previously used at the Ōtaki Swimming Pool to the Ōtaki College swimming pool.  The project was taken up by the XŌtaki College Foundation Trust as part of a wider refurbishment of the pool.  The goal was to extend the season for use of the pool by keeping the pool temperature to a usable level over a longer period of time which would increase usability for sport and enjoyment, and greater capacity for water safety education. The Trust also sought funding of a pool cover which would retain heat longer.

Installation of the panels was completed in January 2018 and already the benefits of warmer water is being felt. The Phillip Family Foundation has provided funding for the pool cover, helping with reducing water heating costs. In 2020, Energise Ōtaki installed monitoring equipment to better regulate and measure the temperature difference the thermal solar panels cause, in order to optimise the system.

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