Live Data Monitoring

Energise Ōtaki will soon have publicly available data feeding from sustainable energy generation sites in Ōtaki. This would be available on this website, and as public information seen when in, or going through, Ōtaki.

The idea behind this monitoring is to:

  • Promote the great things Ōtaki is doing in sustainable energy generation
  • Show carbon saving impact of Ōtaki’s sustainable projects
  • Provide data that shows how energy generation fluctuates within seasons, weeks or days and with regards to weather, season and time of day
  • Provide outputs for a variety of types of solar panels and other sustainable energy generation setups
  • Educate other communities and individuals on different sustainable energy generation systems to encourage the installations of such systems

A lot of solar systems have a monitoring system built in to the inverter. These are often fed to online portals where you can see the data in live time – such as the example below from our Wastewater Treatment Plant solar farm. Ideally we would feed any renewable energy generation systems into our display so we can see all of the renewable energy being produced in Ōtaki – by residents or business or community solar farms.

In the future we also want to be able to calculate in the energy savings from using bikes from our Bike Space instead of cars, converting waste to energy and insulating homes.

A snapshot of the live monitoring display for our WWTP solar farm – on a mostly sunny December day

Sustainable Energy Generation in Ōtaki

These are the current systems that Energise Ōtaki has been involved in, and plans to get data from. As more are added in Ōtaki, more can be integrated into the monitoring.

  • Energise Ōtaki’s solar farm at Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Energise Ōtaki’s solar panels at Ōtaki College
  • XŌtaki Alumni Trust’s solar panels at Ōtaki College (revenue used for student scholarships)
  • KCDC solar panels on Ōtaki Library
  • Solar panels and wind turbine at Clean Technology Park
  • Thermal panels to heat Ōtaki College swimming pool (funded by XŌtaki)

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