Experimenting with Emulsion Fuels

The programme involves Year 12 students exploring fossil fuels and their impacts and a practical initiative blending water and diesel for use in older diesel engines.

During 2013 Leigh Ramsey of Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd worked with Year 12 students at Ōtaki College to run their own emulsion fuels trial using the college tractor and vans. Uzabus, the local bus company, joined the trial. The students learnt about the science behind the process and how to monitor progress.

In 2014 Ōtaki College developed an Alternative Fuel Programme within the year 12 Chemistry Accredited curriculum and the course was extended to include biofuel into the ‘mix’ using recycled vegetable oils from local retail areas.

It is anticipated students studying this programme will work with Blended Fuel Solutions NZ on the technology validation. The project has been successful in encouraging student interest in the subject and increasing student enrolments in chemistry. In 2014 the students were invited to participate in the Festival of Education.

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