Energy Use and Energy Conservation

An important part of Otaki becoming a net exporter of energy is reducing energy use. Energy conservation is also key to reducing people’s energy costs and incidences of energy poverty.

At present Otaki is achieving only 37% efficiency in its energy use, with transport fuels only achieving 14% efficiency (see GreenChip report).
An obvious way efficiency can be promoted is by improving home insulation or by providing smart meter systems which allow people to understand and change their usage. There will be others and people are encouraged to come up with projects, no matter how large or small.

  • ZEV Battery Rubbish Truck

    The Kāpiti Coast District Council purchased a battery-electric refuse truck developed and built by local clean tech company Zero Emission Vehicles Ltd, and the first of its kind in the Southern hemisphere.  The ‘Enviro 9000’ truck which went into service in 2013 is used to empty public litter bins around the Northern Part of the ...
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  • Advice to Other Groups

    Participants in Energise Ōtaki with technical knowledge and qualifications will provide advice on possible options for energy conservation and clean energy generation to groups from time to time. Most recent examples include to Waitohu School around systems to heat their pool and to Māoriland Film Festival about what might be done to their building on ...
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  • Food and Energy: Ōtaki College Community Garden

    Discussions with Ōtaki College identified that the College had one of the few college horticulture blocks remaining in the country and that the College was keen to see it and the associated curriculum developed.  A small community garden was in place but it was struggling.  Energise Ōtaki was keen to support a community/ College based ...
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  • Ōtaki Curtain Bank

    Energise Ōtaki has developed and has been running the Ōtaki Curtain Bank since 2015, and it grows more as each year passes. The Curtain Bank is run in partnership with the Wellington-based Sustainability Trust. Energise Ōtaki in partnership with the Ōtaki CAB and other local organisations, advertises each year to let people know that the service ...
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  • Little Greenie

    The Little Greenie 2013 project based at the Clean Technology Centre, focused on teaching young people to build a demonstration home that was healthy, sustainable and energy efficient.
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  • Energy Conservation Advice: KCDC Eco-design Advisor Links

    The Council employs an Eco-Design Advisor who provides free independent advice to households and businesses on how they can retro-fit their houses or design a new house to make it more energy efficient.  It is a very popular service which has been used by many people on the Kāpiti Coast. The free sustainable home advice service ...
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  • The Ōtaki Curtain Bank – Free Curtains for your whānau!

    NOW until the 22nd March, 2019 - if you have a community services card, you can get free curtains for your living room and bedrooms to help keep your home warmer in the winter.
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  • Energy Information and Advice: Businesses

    From time to time, there has been the opportunity to undertake investigations for local businesses to identify how they could reduce their energy us, what kinds of systems they might use and develop financial models to assist their thinking. An example: two interns, Om Dolasia and Camila Fonesco, from West Australia, came to work with ...
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  • Insulation for Homes

    From time to time the government has provided funding to assist in the insulation of homes for owner occupiers and rental housing if the owner/occupier has a community services card.  Energise Ōtaki and other community groups have worked to promote this available fund in partnership with Kāpiti Coast District Council’s eco-design adviser, Richard Morrison, and ...
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  • Celebrating XŌtaki, Ōtaki College, and Energise Ōtaki

    This weekend, April 26th and 27th 2019, is Ōtaki College’s 60th Reunion Weekend (you can register here) and we thought it would be a good opportunity to share this cool video that was made a couple of years ago celebrating XŌtaki (the Ōtaki College Alumni), Ōtaki College, and Energise Ōtaki’s work together to relocate some ...
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  • KCDC LED Streetlighting

    Kāpiti Coast District Council has an on-going street lighting programme and is converting the streetlights in the district to LED technology, which promises to cut energy use of street lighting by well over 60%.  As well as saving energy, the new lamps provide a better quality light than the orange sodium lamps they replaced, and ...
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