Practicing water conservation with a composting toilet and by harvesting rainwater; helping make the Zero Waste Ōtaki site self-sufficient.

Team: Zero Waste Ōtaki

Zero Waste Ōtaki’s initial focus is on recycling and upcycling dumped/ donated wood. You’d drive 100km to find anyone else doing this (not a great use of your resources). In time, they plan to divert other waste streams from landfill. Meanwhile, they need water.

Zero Waste Ōtaki (ZWŌ) founder Jamie Bull made two successful applications to the Fund. The first enables ZWŌ to buy a composting toilet for volunteers. The other will pay for a donated water tank to be set up, to store water from the container roofs. With no other water available on site this is a great way to make the most of available resources. Which is what Zero Waste Ōtaki is all about: in their first year they’ve diverted over 15 tonnes of wood from landfill, while increasing the community’s awareness of recycling and upcycling.

What the $1000 People’s Choice Bonus would be spent on:
Buying and installing a second water tank for more rainwater harvesting.

Zero Waste Ōtaki welcomes donations, collaborators, and volunteers – especially project administrators and hands-on makers. Also, they welcome wood. Lots and lots of quality wood.