Here is more detail on what the Whakahiko Ōtaki–Energise Ōtaki Fund committee is looking for.

Funded projects reflect Energise Ōtaki’s focus areas. They help Ōtaki/Te Horo thrive by:

  • contributing to reducing Ōtaki/Te Horo’s climate emissions, or
  • contributing to reducing Ōtaki/Te Horo’s energy consumption, or 
  • turning local ‘waste’ into energy, or 
  • exploring renewable energy systems, or
  • encouraging interest in energy subjects or issues, particularly for young people, or
  • supporting our people by ‘doing good’ in the Ōtaki/Te Horo community.

All funded projects benefit our community, contribute in some way to a circular economy or sustainable energy-related future… and involve solutions that don’t make further problems!

We accept applications from anyone anywhere, including:

Individuals and whānau; businesses; community organisations; schools and kura; marae; other institutions …as long as the project itself is based in or directly benefits Ōtaki or Te Horo.

We accept applications to fund:

  • Artworks
  • Inventions
  • Educational content
  • Events 
  • Study support for energy-related courses (e.g. at university, wananga, polytechnic, or shorter courses or workshops)
  • Prototype development
  • Transitions to make existing businesses more energy efficient (e.g. energy audits)
  • New enterprise development
  • New and ongoing projects
  • Equipment or materials for new or ongoing projects 
  • Projects and applicants who have previously received Whakahiko funding

…as long as they meet the focus area criteria. 

We are looking for: 

  • Innovative projects that help produce renewable or recovered energy for using locally – e.g. wind energy,  waste to energy/ circular economy projects 
  • Energy initiatives that focus on climate action and wider environmental issues, including carbon sequestration – e.g. tree planting
  • Projects that reduce energy demand – e.g. bike projects; local food production projects (which reduce transport needs) 
  • Projects that reduce energy wastage – e.g. energy conservation in homes; avoiding making food waste  
  • Projects that tackle energy poverty in Ōtaki and its impact on health and wellbeing –  e.g. sewing projects which help keep a house or people warm 
  • Projects that help Ōtaki families, households and businesses reduce their energy costs
  • Education and learning projects around energy or energy use – including initiatives that might lead to work for young people in energy-related fields 
  • ‘Transitional’ projects that help us along the way to a low carbon future. 

Got questions?

  • We have two workshop sessions for in-person korero about your project: Tuesday, 27th September some time between 6:30-8:30pm, and Saturday 8th October, sometime between10:30am-1:00pm. These are in the Gertrude Atmore Study Room, Main St. Ōtaki. Feel free to just come, but if you can email to tell us you’re coming, we can set you a time so you don’t have to wait.
  • You can email us any time at or
  • Drop in to the Energise Ōtaki office. We’re open 10am-2pm, Tuesdays to Thursdays at 7 Main St.