Here is more detail on what the Whakahiko Ōtaki–Energise Ōtaki Fund committee is looking for in a project. This is not a prescriptive list but may be useful in sparking ideas.

Funded projects will help Ōtaki thrive: by supporting our people; reducing our climate emissions and energy consumption; turning ‘waste’ into energy; sparking energy-related action and awareness — any and all of these. We are looking for a range; from creative to technical projects and beyond.

Fund Focus

Energy. Energy produced and used, embedded energy, wasted energy (e.g. food waste).

We are looking for

  • innovative projects that develop the town’s and community’s structural capacity to produce clean renewable energy for local use — e.g. wind farms, waste to energy projects;
  • energy initiatives that target climate action and wider environmental issues. Can include sequestration;
  • projects which address energy poverty in Ōtaki and its impact on health and wellbeing;
  • projects which help Ōtaki families, households and businesses reduce their energy costs;
  • education and learning projects which also promote innovative employment pathways for young people in the wider energy space;
  • transitional projects — e.g. to a low carbon future;
  • practical outcomes and outputs;
  • benefits to the Ōtaki community in some form.

The How… projects that

  • respect and support Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki priorities and goals and
  • involve solutions that do not create further problems and
  • are not for private/ individual benefit, unless this advances wider thinking and innovation and
  • work at community and local scale

…which may or may not

  • be creative and innovative (in the form of technology, film, music, digital content, events etc.);
  • be fun and communicate wider opportunities and issues around a sustainable energy future;
  • build on, support and help grow community partnerships and initiatives;
  • might keep rolling for more than one funding round (this is not a prerequisite).