Energise Ōtaki Minutes – March 2019
Wednesday 13, March 2019
6pm – 8pm
Dr Gertrude Atmore Supper Room, Memorial Hall corner Main and Aotaki Streets, Ōtaki

1. Start: 18:05
2. Attendees: Leigh Ramsey (Chair), Hannelore Wagner-Nicholls (Treasurer), Lloyd Chapman (Secretary), Antony Ryan (Chair TTO), Moko Morris (Sustainable Communities — KCDC and Māoriland), Katrina Hilterman
(Herbalist), Daniel Mūller (Electrical Engineer), Sara Velasquez (Coordinator for Energise Ōtaki)
3. Apologies: Stuart Pritchard, Seuga Frost, Phil Malpas, Andy Fraser, Marilyn Stevens, Shelly Warwick, Iain Jerrett, Gael Ferguson
4. Minutes Ratified:
4.1.Motion to ratify November 2018 Minutes (Lloyd Chapman), Seconded (Leigh Ramsey)
4.2.Motion to ratify February 2019 Minutes (Hanna Wagner-Nicholls), Seconded (Lloyd Chapman)
5. Treasurers Report: Hanna provided overview and accounts in good standing. Has invested $10k into a 6 month Term Deposit.
6. Presentation – We were lucky to have Leigh back from his recent trip to the Solomon Islands with Nufuels Ltd. The project is in partnership with Caritas with funding from MFAT. The Project is a 1 year pilot project related to “Energy from Waste”. This is the 3rd trip Leigh and Gael have made, and
there will be another in July 2019.

The project delivers small-scale systems for communities to use to transform their plastic waste into fuel. From approximately 7 kilos of plastic, the community is able to produce enough Gas for cooking approximately 2 big bowls of rice and enough hot water to clean the pots. In addition, from the 7kgs of plastic we also produce 4kgs of pyrolysis crude oil, which is used in rocket stoves for cooking / drying.

If other communities are interested, the programme can be rolled out to more locations, or alternatively, a bigger system can be delivered.

7. Projects Overview
7.1.Solar Energy Project Update — Discussions Continue.
7.2.Bike Space — St. Peter Chanel Update — Nothing at the moment. Need to push this and Sara will try to find parent contacts. Moko had a great suggestion to consider if there is a possible project to link with Sustainable Communities Number 8 Wire Week (July 2019).

7.3. Ōtaki Kindergarten — Power to the People — KCDC Greener Neighbourhoods Update — 27 March, 2019 celebration party (28th postponement if there is rain). The Bike still has about a half days worth of work. Generator is in place and works fine. Need to get a solar panel.

7.4. Otaki College — Seuga Frost will be the representative for Ōtaki College at Energise Ōtaki Meetings
7.4.1. Community Gardens — The Green Gardner position at KCDC is empty at the moment and we really need this resource provided by KCDC as it has been wonderful for our community spaces. Let KCDC
know by contacting them on https://www.kapiticoast.govt.nz/Contact-Us/Contact-Council/
7.4.2. Community Garden at OC — Ash and Hanna are putting their heads together about using the curriculum of propagating seeds and giving to the foodbank potentially.
7.4.3. Community Gardens at Birthright — this project has started with Birthright (separate to the College).
7.4.4. Curious Minds / E-volocity – No update
7.4.5. Woodlot — chopped down all wood but stumps are still there. Mulched all trees and putting mulch where the old library was. Perhaps this project can be reactivated. Let’s get a meeting between
TTO, EO and the College

7.5. Clean Tech Centre — Energy Recovery — Dave and Stuart actively sharing important information with potential clients.

7.6. Curtain Bank 2019 Update – Curtain bank is running until the 22nd March, 2019. Put posters up at all schools. Hanna presented at the Medical centre. Stuart has delivered 2 loads of curtains to Wellington in February and currently has half a load. Hanna highlighted that in May, the Curtain Bank will meed help putting up the curtains. Ideas suggested that we contact Grey Power to maybe find volunteers to assist.

The Chair mentioned that not all Agenda items that are discussed in details at the meetings will be fully Minuted due to the Commercial and Personal sensitivities of those discussions. More general information can be obtained by attendance at the meetings and further detail by being on the Working Groups of each project, if interested in contributing. The Coordinator will send out those sensitive Minutes to those Working Groups.

8. Meeting Finish: 20:15
9. Next Meeting: Second Wednesday of the Month, 10th April, 2019. Special Guest Presenter Stuart Pritchard, who will share his experience turning his farm from a “conventional farm to an eco/ biological farm”

Download the PDF here Energise Otaki Minutes March 2019 Final


Energise Ōtaki Agenda – April 2019
Wednesday 10, April 2019*
6pm – 8pm
Dr Gertrude Atmore Supper Room, Memorial Hall corner Main and Aotaki Streets, Ōtaki*

1. Special Announcement
Recognising that members are busy progressing projects, the Energise Ōtaki Committee has decided that Energise Ōtaki Community Meetings will change from monthly to every two months. Therefore, after this April meeting our next public meeting will be on Wednesday June 12, 2019 from 6pm – 8pm. We will also change locations as the Principal at Ōtaki College has generously offered their meeting rooms to Energise Ōtaki at no cost as it is an efficient use of the college facilities unused at that time. A big thanks to Andy and Ōtaki College. We will change the venue in June to the Whare Nui at Ōtaki College, Ōtaki. All are welcome.

2. Special Topic
Guest Speaker: Stuart Pritchard, Forest Lakes Organic Farm Ōtaki
Topic: Regenerative Farming: The Journey to Organics and the Rewards
3. Projects Overview
3.1. Solar Energy Project Update
3.2. Bike Space – St. Peter Chanel Update
3.3. Ōtaki Kindergarten – Power to the People – KCDC Greener Neighbourhoods Update
3.4. Ōtaki College Update – Seuga Frost and Energise Ōtaki
3.4.1. Community Gardens
3.4.2. Pool data analysis
3.4.3. Woodlot
4. General Business
4.1. New Projects to Explore / Interesting Ideas
4.1.1. Coastal Energy Update – Phil Malpas
4.1.2. Action Group for a CWB (cycle way, walkway, bridleway) on the next stage of the expressway O2NL.

Download the PDF here Energise Ōtaki Agenda April 2019 Final