Our June newsletter “Come Visit a Strawbale Home and see if a house built of straw will match winter’s huff and puff!” can be downloaded here, or viewed in plain text below. You can see all of our newsletters here.

In This Issue:
– Interesting news
– See you June 12th at LOCO’s Strawbale Home
– June’s Agenda
– April’s Minutes
Some of our Projects:
– Bike Space Ōtaki
– Retrofitting the Ōtaki College Pool
* June 12, 2019 Energise Ōtaki Bi-Monthly Meeting
* August 14, 2019 Energise Ōtaki Bi-Monthly Meeting and Annual General Meeting
* October 9, 2019 Energise Ōtaki Bi-Monthly Meeting
* ** UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019, TIME HAS CHANGED TO Thursday, December 12th , 2019 at 6pm**

** Energise Ōtaki Inc. – Helping Ourselves to a Smart Future
* Carbon-Neutral by 2025: Our friends at Low Carbon Kāpiti presented their petition to Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) to “go carbon-neutral by 2025”, and KCDC accepted the challenge! Read more here. Go Kāpiti! Go Low Carbon Kāpiti!
* Insulation and Curtains: The Sustainability Trust is offering subsidies towards home insulation until June, and the period to apply for free thermal-lined curtains has been extended to November. You can find out more here: https://energise.otaki.net.nz/content/otakicurtainbank/
* Bike Space Ōtaki: Are you an avid bike rider? Know your way around a punctured tyre and not afraid to share that knowledge? Or maybe you’d love for you and the kids to go for a ride – but bikes for 3 people isn’t going to happen? Get in contact with Energise Ōtaki – we’re sorting out the Bike Space and need volunteers to make it happen! (read more in projects)
* Energise Ōtaki Bi-Monthly Meeting: Keen to meet other locals interested in energy and reducing energy poverty in our town? Come to our next meeting, on Wednesday June 12, 2019 at 5pm at Loco’s Strawbale Home. More information below!
* Facebook Group: To promote discussion and share ideas, we’ve created a Facebook Group. You can find us from our Facebook Page or by going here. Invite your friends – good ideas aren’t limited to locals.

Energise Ōtaki June 2019 Meeting
Visiting a Strawbale Home
When: Wednesday June 12, 2019
Time: 5pm (special time of 5pm so that we can see the outside of the house)
Where: Loco Miniature Railways and Gardens (http://www.loco.co.nz/)
Map and details available here.
RSVP: Please rsvp so we have an indication of how many attendees – info@energise.otaki.net.nz

If you would like to rideshare, please get in contact so we can organise.
Simone and David from Loco Miniature Railways and Gardens (http://www.loco.co.nz/) will take us on a tour around their home, talk about the build, and hopefully it’s a cold and clear night, so we can experience the warmth of the home in winter for ourselves!

June 2019 Agenda
Our meetings occur on the second Wednesday of every other month. Our next meeting is at a special time, so that we can see the outside of the strawbale home.
Where: Loco Miniature Gardens & Railway
When: 5-7pm on Wednesday 12 June, 2019.

Please rsvp if you can so that we have an indication of how many attendees. If you would like more information, or to rideshare, please email info@energise.otaki.net.nz. The agenda is here.

April 2019 Minutes
April’s Minutes are on our website, here. Thanks to Stuart Pritchard for sharing his journey of regenerative farming. After his presentation there was a fantastic article in the Ōtaki Mail – if you haven’t seen it, you can read it online on page 5 here (https://otakimail.co.nz/) .

Energise Ōtaki have emptied the Bike Space container and are working with the wonderful Ōtaki MenzShed to fit it out as a working space for repairing bikes. WE NEED YOU! Have a great idea about fitting out containers? Are you a whizz at fixing bikes and would like to teach others? Are you passionate about bike riding and might be able to volunteer to get bikes out to the community? Would you like a bike and would be willing to give some time? Get in contact! info@energise.otaki.net.nz

Ōtaki College Pool Solar Heating Retrofit – visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lMRJs7jE7s&feature=youtu.be
Did you know that Energise Ōtaki and XŌtaki moved the bulk of the solar thermal panels from the Ōtaki Pool to the Pool at Ōtaki College? This has meant that the students have been able to swim in the pool til the end of Term 1 2019. What cool things can we do together? Get in contact if you are interested in energy related projects! Or come to our next meeting on Wednesday June 12, 2019 at 5pm.