Jan 2021

This is a contract position for 15 hours per week with a pay rate of $30 per hour, GST exclusive. The contract at this stage will be for the period February 2021 to the end of July 2021. Subject to availability of funding it may extend beyond this period. 

Energise Ōtaki is a community organisation with the aims of the town becoming a net producer of clean energy, and of finding ways to give people, businesses and community groups the tools to harvest the environmental, social and economic benefits of a different energy future. It is primarily a broad ‘umbrella’ concept in which a range of people and projects come together.

Energise Ōtaki has a range of projects over six focus areas ranging from Renewable Energy Generation to Education. They span a wide range, but all relate in some way to the sustainable energy objective.

This role has a two primary areas of focus: 

  • maintaining and improving the internal and external communications within Energise Ōtaki and between the community and other stakeholders. This includes the administration of the website, newsletter, social media platforms and public relations through the main office, public meetings and other events. It also involves developing media releases, background informational resources and communications material for projects as needed.
  • day to day administration of Energise Otaki processes – for example: office oversight, processing of invoices, management of any databases, mail, project support for the Energise Ōtaki Coordinator and project leaders. 

Depending on time available and the contractor’s particular skills and interests there will be opportunities to work directly on community linked projects, and to contribute to ideas about existing and new projects. The contractor will be required to be present at the Main Street office two days per week during opening hours (up to eight hours).  

You will be working closely with your Contract Manager, the Coordinator, the Event Planning and Support person, Project Leaders and the Energise Otaki Committee (Board) Members.

Desirable skills for this role include:

  • Good computer skills (MS office suite, Google Suite, GoogleDrive, WordPress, MailChimp)
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work to time schedules and deadlines
  • Enjoy collaborating with talented people
  • Community focussed
  • Ability to implement social media campaigns
  • A knowledge of sustainability aims and community resilience
  • Ability to build and maintain networks of contacts and stakeholders
  • Interest in participating in strategic thinking around projects and initiatives 

For a motivated self-starter able to work within broad parameters and priorities with good communication skills, this is a unique opportunity to contribute to some exciting socially and environmentally important projects.

Key Areas of FocusHigh Level Responsibilities
Communications and Media– administering and developing Energise Ōtaki’s social media platforms to make sure they are easy to use, attractive and up-to-date
– development of communications material for Energise Ōtaki’s overall activities in conjunction with input from Coordinator, and for relevant projects involved in
– uploading of material and management of photo library (digital library) for easy access
– preparation of the regular newsletter
– support for Coordinator for preparation of media releases
– communications to supporters
Administration Support– general administration of established Energise Otaki processes and requirements
– management of the Energise Otaki office space
– contribution to thinking about and development of organisation systems, processes and projects 
Funding– support the Energise Otaki Coordinator in the development of funding applications and reporting on funding received as they relate to communication activities and relevant projects being undertaken.
Project Support– support for project leaders for agreed projects
Ongoing relationship with Ngā Hapū o Ōtaki and local Maori organisations– general support and engagement
– involvement on a case by case basis with key processes and projects.

Find out more about Energise Ōtaki and its projects by exploring this website.

Applications due to energiseotaki@gmail.com by the 1st February 2021, 5pm.

Please send in a Covering Letter and Curriculum Vitae as part of your application.