Building a prototype for a portable electricity storage unit made out of laptop batteries and other recycled materials.

Team: Team Go Box

The Team plans to design a portable power source for when the grid goes down. Go Box will be the go-to for emergency lighting, cooking, or keeping in touch via the radio/ mobile/ internet… for a few hours, or even days. But who needs an emergency? The Go Box could also become every-day hardware for e.g. using power tools in the great outdoors.

All going well, the Team’s prototype could evolve into a product that would support a local cottage industry…while using recycled materials. Less waste, more zappage.

What the $1000 People’s Choice Bonus would be spent on:
Extending and testing the ‘proof of concept’ prototype for additional power sources and loads; refining the design to make it viable for local small scale production.

Team Go Box welcomes contact from interested collaborators, funders, the recycling community, etc.