Energise Ōtaki Minutes: Wednesday, 13 February 2019
18:10pm – 20:00
Dr. Gertrude Atmore Supper Room, Memorial Hall corner Main and Aotaki Streets, Ōtaki

1. Attendance: Leigh Ramsey, Lloyd Chapman, Hannelore Wagner-Nicholls, Paul Arnold, Stuart Pritchard, Shelly Warwick (Otaki Community Board, OCB), Te Atawhai Kumar, Te Atawhai’s Father in law, David Rumsey, Iain Jerrett, Len Nicholls, Jackie Elliot (KCDC), Marilyn Stevens (OCB), Seuga Frost, Tim Beere, Norman Elder, Karina Hilterman, Stuart Ayers, Sara Velasquez (Minutes)

2. Apologies: Gael Ferguson (in Australia for the next months but still involved), Dawn Hirschberg, Andy Fraser, Paul Frater, Jamie Bull, Jake Roos, Phil Malpas, Moko Morris

3. Ratify Minutes: Skipped.

4. Presentation and Discussion Stuart Ayers, CEO Omeo Technology (formerly Ogo Technology) – “Grab Life by the Wheels”
The key message from Stuart’s presentation is that the Omeo transforms people’s lives.
The technology it uses (based on the Segway) means that it relies on core strength of the user, and users have found that there is less “wear and tear” on their joints (compared with traditional mobility / medical devices that require propulsion through arm movements or hands). This technology means that the user can move hands free.
An important distinction of Omeo Technology is that it is a Personal Mobility Device (ie, can be used for recreation) and it is not classified as a Medical device.
The cost is $24,500 NZD / $16,995 USD.
There are agents around the world, and the devices are assembled in Ōtaki. For more information:

5. Projects Overview
5.1. Solar Energy Project: Agreement of land lease with Council in place. Leigh / Gael currently working with funders. Discussions are ongoing.
5.2. Bike Library: If Hanna has not heard back from Principal, Energise Ōtaki will proceed. Stuart is organising paint.
5.3. Provincial Growth Fund (PGF): No movement.
5.4. Refrigeration / Cold Storage: David Rumsey and Stuart Pritchard working on this.
5.5. Power to the People / Ōtaki Kindergarten Bike: The MenzShed / Hammer Hardware shed is complete. David Rumsey completing bike. Celebration set for 27 March 6pm (28 March if raining).
5.6. Ōtaki College: Community Gardens not happening. Other projects continuing. Coppicing Trees – decision needs to be made about their future.
5.7. Community Gardens: working with Birthright Ōtaki.
5.8. Other projects: N/A.
5.9. Possible new projects: N/A

Download February’s Minutes here: Energise Ōtaki Minutes February 2019 FINAL

Many thanks for a great evening last night! Hearing about Omeo Technology and thinking about how the community works together through Energise Ōtaki, the theme of the evening in my view was really “connections” – connecting with each other, connecting with our environment, connecting ideas to reality.

Our next meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of the Month – March 13, 2019 at 6pm at the Supper Room. We would love to have you be a part of it.

More information will be posted here and on our website, or our next Newsletter will be published in a few weeks and you can sign up here: http://energise.otaki.net.nz/newsletter/