Come visit a strawbale house in winter and hear about the journey!

We are visiting the owners of Loco Miniature Railway and Garden’s Strawbale house in winter to:

  • feel what it is all about,
  • hear about the journey,
  • see what the finished product looks like, and
  • have some cool korero along the way.

Please rsvp to to let us know how many are attending, and indicate if you would like to carpool. The walk and talk should take about an hour. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note, that this meeting is a special time of 5pm, so that it is still light outside for us to see the exterior of the house.

To add the event to your calendar, please go to this link:

To see a map of where to go – download our Otaki to Loco Miniature Railway & Gardens – Google Maps.

To download the Agenda, go Energise Otaki Agenda June 2019.