An Innovative Commuter Rail Alternative

What if there was a clean technology commuter rail solution linking Palmerston North, Ōtaki and Waikanae? Early stage thinking around a new solution is underway.

Advocating for Bus Services

Ōtaki has one bus route.   There is a view in the community that it is not well designed and that this has the effect of discouraging use.  A 2014 project was to identify the best route and to have that change introduced by the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Advocating for Ōtaki Rail Services

Ōtaki is a proposed urban growth area. And yet it is the only town on the regional rail system without rail commuter services. This must change.

Exploring Network Design

Exploring Network Design

This project is concerned with what the local electricity network might look like in the long-term if there was significant on-site generation and export within the town.