Supporting students to design a solar-charging grass-mower for College caretaker, Colin.

Team: Ōtaki College

Ōtaki College teacher Chris Georgetti, known for helping senior engineering students design solar-powered go-carts, will now help them invent an emissions-friendly vehicle for the College caretaker, Colin Rice.

Potentially repurposing parts from a golf cart or mobility scooter, the new cart will use clean energy to transport tools and their user around the grounds. Quieter and lighter than the current mini-tractor, it will cut down on noise and air pollution… while cutting the grass. The final design will be offered to other colleges.

What the $1000 People’s Choice Bonus would be spent on:
Parts for next year’s EVolocity entry; the annual clean energy vehicle design competition (typically aced by Ōtaki College students).

Ōtaki College welcomes financial donations towards the Evolocity design and build, donations of old mobility scooters or electric golf carts, and the help of a TIG welder to give an introductory lesson to students.