Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd.

Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd. is an Ōtaki based company exploring the use of emulsion fuels (mixing water into diesel fuels using a surfactant) as a way of reducing emissions and reducing overall fossil fuel use (a reduction of about 10%). More recent technology developed by its partner US based company has made major progress in reducing sulphur emissions from fossil fuels, currently a major issue for the transport fleet, including shipping which must reduce emissions world wide by 2020. 

Blended Fuel Solutions has worked with Ōtaki College students to explore use of emulsion fuels and has undertaken trials with Kiwirail Ferries, supported by funding from the Ministry for the Environment.   These trials were successful and application is constrained only by the current price of oil.   

The technology is important as a way of reducing use of fossil fuels and environmental impacts.  From an Energise Ōtaki perspective, it will continue to support initiatives like this and work to link opportunities between local businesses, the community and the wider energy vision.   

Blended Fuel Solutions Ltd. is a major participant in Energise Ōtaki and has worked on a number of Energise Ōtaki projects.