Energise-Ōtaki – Scholarships

In 2014/15 Energise Ōtaki developed a project in partnership with the XŌtaki College Foundation Trust (the College old students association) to install a 20kWp solar array at Ōtaki.  The system would be owned by the XŌtaki Trust, would  provide power direct to the College, and the revenue would be used to fund student scholarships. 

Stage 1, a 10.4KW system was installed in 2015 with primary funding assistance from Pub Charities and a smaller amount from the Ōtaki Community Board.  Between 2015 and 2017 the system has provided $7,000 in revenue for scholarships.   The Philips Family Foundation has kindly donated the funding for the The XŌtaki Foundation Trust is now seeking funding to complete Stage 2 (10.4kW) in 2018.